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Tips for a Great Photo Shoot!

Kim's Tips For Better Results.


Remove any valuables

Limit Family pictures

Remove things from under beds or underneath furniture

Remove Recycle bins or Trash cans

Dust and clean from top to bottom

Clean refrigerator surface

Hide power cords and or bars

Wash windows, inside and out

Toilet seats down 

Cars out of driveway

Present your best towels neatly arranged

Make beds, fresh linens

Neatly arrange patio furniture

Coil garden hoses

Uncover hot tubs, pools, grills, in season

Pick up pet waste from yard

Remove from view all pet toys in house

Check lightbulbs and replace 

Open blinds and drapes to expose as much natural light

Turn off televisions and computer screens

Flowers and fruit make great pictures

Do not...

Leave personal items in view

Have anything in view that you would not want viewed

Move things during the shoot 

Turn lights off during the shoot

Try to keep the shoot separate from other appoinments 

For aerial shoots, try to avoid garbage day